Motorcyclist risks life by taking both hands off to send a text at 40mph


This is the shocking moment a motorcyclist risked his life by taking both hands off the handlebars while believed to be riding at 40mph – in order to ‘send a text’.

Kevin Smith’s dramatic dashcam footage captured a biker riding through a busy 40mph junction while sitting upright on his bike and holding what appears to be a mobile phone in both hands.

Kevin, 23, was out for a drive when he witnessed the biker driving down Rockingham Road in Kettering, Northants, on a blue and silver Yamaha R3  while seeming to look down at his phone.

The married dad-of-two believes drivers caught texting and driving should receive an instant lifetime ban because it risks lives – especially while on two wheels.

Transport operator Kevin, from Kettering, said: “I spotted him as he went passed. I noticed he was sat quite upright whereas normally when you are on a bike you are leant forward.

“He definitely wasn’t holding the handlebars and he has something is his hands. When I watched the footage back at home, I realised he was on his phone texting.

“People like that don’t deserve to be on the road. The amount of campaigns about it and people who have died from phone use while driving – there’s no excuse.

Texting while driving is so dangerous, especially when you are only on two wheels, you have extra responsibility.

“If you use your phone while you’re driving or riding a bike you are risking your own life and the lives of other motorists, it is as simple as that.


“But unfortunately I don’t think people will ever get the message. I think if you are caught with a phone while driving you should get an instant ban for life to get the point across.”

At 23, Kevin is still classed as a young driver – the group most likely to use mobile phones while driving according to a survey by road safety charity Brake in 2014.

And while their study found 19 per cent of young drivers use their phones at the wheel – eight per cent more than older drivers – Kevin said he ‘values his life too much’ to ever take such a risk.

He believes that if another driver had been at the junction of the 40mph road where he spotted the ‘texting‘ biker and had pulled out, the consequences would have been dire.

Kevin said: “I’m 23 so I’m still classed as a young driver but I have never used my phone at the wheel and I never would – I value my life too much.


“If I had not seen the biker coming along the road and I had pulled out a bit there would be no way in hell he would have avoided me.

“I would not do that but I had been waiting at the junction for quite some time and in those circumstances when it’s really busy, people do try to push in a bit.

“With him looking down at his phone he would not have been able to react in time – he was really playing with his life there. It shocks me that people don’t realise that.

“My father-in-law drives a lorry and rides a bike and he tells me riding requires so much more concentration because you don’t have a metal case to protect you – if something happens, that’s it.”