Miracle survival for man trapped in nine hour horror crash

A man trapped in his car for NINE HOURS after a horror crash has survived without a scratch.

Adam Davidson, 36, fell unconscious after his car flipped over a hedge in Hereford on Friday and was left hanging precariously over a stream.

When he finally came round and was able to dial 999, fire and ambulances faced a race to find him before he lost consciousness again.

But when he was finally freed, Adam had no serious injuries and was allowed home after a quick checkover in hospital.

Adam Davidson, 36, was trapped in his car for nine hours after a horror crash - butsurvived without a scratch

Adam Davidson, 36, was trapped in his car for nine hours after a horror crash – but survived without a scratch

Chef Adam was driving from his home from work at the Tram Inn in Eardisley when he was almost crushed in the car wreck.

He remained out cold overnight as his car dangled over the water and his body temperature dropped dangerously low.

Hereford Fire and Rescue received his disorientated call at 7.30am on Saturday morning and mounted an urgent attempt to locate him.

Although he knew he’d been on his way home, Adam had no idea where he was and the operator was forced to send four fire engines crews out across north Herefordshire with their sirens blaring.

As they drove around, the operator used Adam’s indicators of whether the sirens were getting closer or further away to finally locate him.

After 40 minutes the mammoth rescue team had narrowed his location down to within a few miles but it took another 20 minutes before he was found and could be treated by paramedics at the scene.

But Adam, a diabetic who is believed to have blacked out at the wheel, suffered no serious injuries and was simply readmitted to Hereford County Hospital for further checks a day later.

Hereford station commander Phil Major led the team that eventually rescued the lucky driver and called him ‘one of the luckiest people I have ever seen”.

He said: “The car had somehow cleared the hedge, leaving no sign of the accident on the road.

“When we arrived, the car was unstable and hanging over a stream on its side.

“He was one of the luckiest people I have ever seen – having fallen unconscious, had the car slipped, he could have drowned in just a few inches of water.

“I have never been part of a search mission like it.

“Ordinarily there is some mark on the road or we can use thermal imaging cameras, but at that point the engine would have cooled down and his body temperature would have dropped.

“We knew he lived in Hereford and had been travelling home from work so we got together a worked out a way to use the sirens to locate him.

“We couldn’t have done it without great work from all three emergency services.”