Louisiana Resident Captures Devastating Effects Tornado As Soccer Field And Shopping Centre Are Destroyed

Stunning footage shows the devastation left after a tornado destroyed a football pitch and shopping centre.

Brian Howard, 43, traversed his way through Ruston, Louisiana, capturing the effects of the previous night’s twister that had wreaked havoc throughout the town on April 25. 

Videos from the local soccer field showed a mangled scoreboard and stands while the newly installed press box was completely absent from the field. 

Footage also showed a shopping centre that had suffered a lot of damage with huge segments of debris ripped from the building.

Brian said: “I was stunned.

“We had a small tornado roll through the area last April but didn’t do any significant damage like this one did.

“The destruction was unlike anything I had ever seen.

“Trees torn in half, roofs ripped off, businesses demolished. Ruston was extremely lucky and fortunate that it wasn’t worse.”

Two people died after the tornado struck Ruston overnight.

Brian said: “I was like most people, in bed asleep.

“I woke up to the weather advisory and then moved throughout the house, listening for any significant noises.”