Lad on holiday falls 260ft from a waterfall but miraculously surives

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A British tourist has spoken about how he miraculously survived a 260ft drop from a waterfall – only four miles from where EastEnders actor Paul Nicholls suffered an almost identical ordeal.

Nicholls plunged down the Khun Si falls and smashed his leg, leaving him unable to move and seek help for several days before he was eventually rescued.

Luke Scott, 20, was on holiday in Thailand with five friends and went to visit the Na Muang waterfall on the island of Koh Samui.

As he approached the edge of the water at the top, he slipped and was washed down the fall by the water current.

Best mate Harvey Hughes watched in horror as he bounced off three separate rocks before crashing lifeless into the pool at the bottom.

He was attended by 15 paramedics and immediately rushed to a local hospital, where doctors were astonished to find him still alive.

Despite suffering multiple facial and skull fractures, splitting the back of his head open and shattering five teeth, Luke escaped with no brain damage.

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After week-long spell in two different hospitals, he returned home to Carlisle, Cumbria from Bangkok on Thursday last week.

Amazingly he is already able to move around on crutches and is set to go back to work next month.

His friends have questioned the safety measures surrounding the Thai waterfalls

Harvey said: “The last few days of the holiday were an absolute nightmare.

“It’s an absolute miracle Luke is alive. None of the doctors could believe it.

“My first thought when I saw him fall was ‘Oh God. I’m going to have to call his mum and tell her he’s dead’.

“The whole thing happened in slow motion. He slipped and bounced head first down the waterfall, and when he hit the water he did not get up again.

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“As I was rushing over to him I was expecting to find a dead body. It was very traumatic.

“There doesn’t seem to be any safety at all. It’s amazing you can get right up close to the edge where the rocks get really slippery.

Luke and his friends book their summer holiday last December and were looking forward to going to Thailand’s famous Full Moon Party.

They flew from Manchester Airport the capital Bangkok and landed on July 3.

They were enjoying sightseeing and partying and on July 7 booked a tour of Ko Samui, which included the trip to the Na Muang waterfall.

Luke and two others decided to take a path up to the top, while Harvey and the three remaining pals stayed at the bottom.

Harvey said: “We couldn’t really be bothered with the hike so we left the others to it.

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“The first thought that went through my mind was ‘Oh my God. I’m going to have to call his mum and tell her he’s dead’.”

Harvey scrambled over the wet rocks to try and get to Luke and was shouting his name to keep him awake.

Another lady called for the emergency services and within five minutes, 15 paramedics turned up.

They carried Luke to an ambulance and rushed him to the island’s hospital 12 miles away.

Harvey said: “It was amazing how quickly the paramedics arrived. They all crowded around him and moved him into the ambulance fast.

“His injuries were really bad and at first they did not think he was going to make it.

“I was sat there signing form after form and trying to communicate with the doctors to find out how bad it was.

“He got really lucky and managed to pull through. He looked pretty beaten up and was wrapped up in a lot of bandages, but he started getting better quite quickly.”

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After spending three nights in the hospital they were transferred via private medical plane to the Bumrumgrad in Bangkok, where he was discharged after two nights.

They made the 15-hour flight home last week in first class.

The lads are planning to return to the island next year to join the Full Moon Party.

Harvey said: “He had the all-clear which was a huge relief.

“We were flown back first class, which was great. I’d quite like to do it again, but the tickets are about £4,000 so I doubt I’ll do it again.

“It was a decent end to a bad couple of days.

“Luke went straight home from the airport. He’s already walking around on crutches, and he’s now just got a series of hospital check-ups to come.

“It’s amazing how well he’s doing considering what he’s been through.

“We definitely want to go back next year for the Full Moon Party.

“We’ll probably give the waterfall a miss though.”

Luke’s worried mum Karen said: “It’s been an absolute nightmare. You don’t expect it to happen to your own son. You hear about things all the time.”