Killer performance! Adele superman had near-fatal heart attack on front row of posters concert after adrenaline rush at seeing idol for first time

Pic from Megan Nicholson/Caters News

An Adele superfan had a heart attack on the front row of the singer’s concert caused by the adrenaline rush of getting to see her idol for the first time.

Healthy Megan Nicholson, 47, was one hour into the concert at Sydney’s ANZ stadium this March when she suddenly collapsed as she tried to throw a bracelet to the singer, prompting Adele to bring her performance to a standstill.

In an uncanny twist, the mum was given CPR by a doctor stood just metres away in the 95,000-strong crowd who worked in the same hospital as her but who she had never met.

After falling into a six-day coma, the hospital receptionist made an amazing miracle recovery and said she would have no hesitation going to another of the singer’s concerts – and hopes to someday still give her the bracelet.

Mum-of-two Megan, from Sydney, said: “Absolutely I would go again in the front row to watch Adele again, without a doubt. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.


Pic from Megan Nicholson/Caters News –

“I was – and still am – in perfect physical health. I have always had a healthy heart. The only explanation the doctors had was that the adrenaline rush caused a cardiac arrest.”

Megan described herself as being in ‘perfect health’ before the freak medical accident, which unfolded when she tried to throw a bracelet onto the stage for the singer.

And she said it was ‘uncanny’ she worked on the same floor as doctor who saved her Stefanie Kokol, at St George Hospital in Sydney’s South, but never met until that night.

Looking back on the near-death experience, Megan said she remembers feeling a huge rush of adrenaline when she laid eyes upon the singing sensation.

Megan was stretchered out of the arena and rushed to hospital, where staff told her family there was serious threat she could awake with brain damage.

With her family keeping a bedside vigil, Megan awoke five days later – just in time to celebrate her 47th birthday in hospital. One month later she was well enough to go home.

According to statistics, approximately 95 per cent of sudden cardiac arrest victims in Australia die before reaching the hospital.

Pic from Megan Nicholson/Caters News

Megan said: “I started feeling really unwell. I was getting clammy and nauseous, then I started walking back away from the stage and blacked out.

“My husband Andrew got a phone call he never wants to get again from the hospital: they there was a serious chance I would wake up with brain damage or even unable to walk.

“I was very confused and dazed when I came to. But then I made a conscious effort to keep myself busy and active.

“This is my second chance. I can’t imagine what my family would have done if they lost me.”

Adele spotted the scene unfolding when the crowd parted to pull Megan from harm’s way, bringing her performance to an emotional halt mid-way through her song.

Megan said Adele‘s concern during the ordeal – and the song she dedicated to her on the next night of the tour – was deeply humbling.

Pic from Megan Nicholson/Caters News

Adele‘s sold-out two day performance at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium was the first time the global megastar had ever come to Australia.

Now, she is determined to give Adele the Hello Kitty bracelet she bought she was trying to throw to her when her heart attack struck.

Megan said: “I was overwhelmed by Adele‘s humility. People collapse at concerts all the time, buts she stopped things, she was really worried. What a beautiful and special person.

“I’ve tried to contact her since then. One day I’ll give her the bracelet and thank her for stopping the concert.”