Kango-roo down? Is this a dead kangaroo spotted on the side of the M5?

Motorists were left stumped when they caught sight of what appeared to be a dead KANGAROO on the M5 in Worcestershire.

Sarah Tunney was heading towards Bromsgrove from Worcester when both she and her brother spotted the creature on the hard shoulder close to Junction 5.

After seeing other motorists had posted concerned messages about the tragic skippy on Facebook they decided to take a look for themselves.

Sarah said: “We thought the comments on the page were a joke until other people started commenting saying they had seen the kangaroo too.

Pic from Caters News

“I thought it must have been a deer or something similar as it seemed so unbelievable.

“Approaching it I was worried it might’ve been a dog but as we got closer the way its front legs were proportioned to its back legs it definitely looked like it was a kangaroo.”

Pic from Caters News

Sarah and her brother were confused as to how an animal like this could’ve got onto the motorway.

Pic from Caters News

She said: “We have the West Midlands Safari Park not too far away but it’s still quite a distance, and we haven’t heard of any escaped animals, so it’s a bit of a puzzle really.”