Inventor of operation game subject of crowdfunding campaign…so he can afford an operation

The inventor of the famous children’s game Operation is now the subject of a crowdfunding campaign… so he can afford an OPERATION.

John Spinello, credited with creating the game in the 1960s, needs $25,000 (£15,600) to cover surgery costs he can’t afford.

Operation game inventor needs op

John Spinello, the creator of the game, Operation

He claims he sold the creation for $500 (£310) with a promise he would also be given job upon graduating from the University of Illinois, USA.

The concept was initially licensed to Milton Bradley, in 1965, and was then produced to become the game people continue to play today.

Operation game inventor needs op

Despite being a firm favourite with children all over the country, John Spinello, is now looking to raise funds for his own operation

Currently made by Hasbro, the Operation franchise is believed to be worth $40 million.

So far the crowdfunding page has received more than $15,000 in donations (AS OF WEDNESDAY) with money being raised to cover oral surgery.

Operation game inventor needs op

So far the crowd funding campaign has received over $15,000 in donations

The campaign was set up by toy inventors Tim Walsh and Peggy Brown who wanted to help a fellow inventor.

According to Peggy, the surgery John requires is not completely covered by Medicare – a national social insurance program in the US.

Operation game inventor needs op

Set up by toy inventors, Tim Walsh and Peggy Brown, the campaign was created in effort to help their friend

Peggy said: “I wanted to help out a fellow inventor and mentor who needs a hand.

“People from all over the world have been sending him love and stories of how much they’ve loved playing Operation over the years.

“He has even heard from numerous doctors, surgeons, nurses and other healthcare professionals that credit playing Operation as a child as the very reason they chose the medical profession.

“I think one of the best parts of this story is that John isn’t bitter about this situation.

“Even though Operation has generated millions of dollars and he lost out on getting a piece of the action, he is happy to tell everybody that he invented Operation, and loves to hear their stories.

“He’s a really sweet guy with a big heart, and if everybody who has gotten a chuckle out of Operation over the last 50 years could send him a ‘thank you’ and a donation, that would be great.”

John added: “I’m overwhelmed and can’t explain how thankful I am for receiving this donation.

“It’s going to go a long way – I appreciate it.”