Incredible moment!A girl who is paralysed from the chest down moves hand infront of stunned family!


This is the incredible moment a teenager paralysed from the chest down after a horrific freak swing accident defied doctors to suddenly move her hand.

Georgia Rawlings, 18, snapped her neck in four places when she fell backwards from a bucket swing in a park in Lincoln, East Mids, in September – leaving her tetraplegic.

Doctors told the Lincoln college student, who has been in hospital since the incident, she would never walk again and did not expect her to regain movement or sensation lower than her chest.

But this amazing footage shows the moment Georgia, known as Gee, lifted her left wrist in front of her stunned family – and the miracle teen is now battling to regain full use of one arm so she can stroke her beloved dogs once more.



Mum Michelle Rawlings, 44, said: “Gee had been really poorly since having surgery to fuse her damaged vertebrae together on Friday.

“On Sunday, she was in and out of sleep and in a lot of pain all afternoon. She suddenly started screaming in pain and complaining of cramp in her right leg which in itself was astonishing, because she has never felt her legs since the incident.

“Then suddenly she raised her left arm up off the bed. We couldn’t believe it. I started filming and managed to get her to raise her wrist up.

“That is something she has never been able to do since the incident and is the most movement she has had – it was just incredible.

“I can’t stop watching the footage. It is just amazing, remarkable. She has really defied the odds.

“She is just completely and utterly refusing to give up. I don’t know where she gets her strength from but she is incredible, it is just mind-blowing. Her positivity is absolutely amazing.”


Georgia had taken an 11-year-old girl and boy from a neighbouring house to the Lincoln park on September 22 this year when she fell from the swing at about 7.45pm.

The impact left the teenager, who was in her second year of a college animal management course and worked at a kennels, with four fractured vertebrae in her neck which trapped her spinal cord.

Georgia, known as Gee, was rushed to intensive care at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham and was touch and go for two weeks before being transferred to The Princess Royal Spinal Unit at Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital, where she will remain for many more months.

While her spinal cord later released itself, by then irreversible damage had been done and she was left paralysed from the neck down but later regained some sensation down to her chest.

Georgia needed a halo brace which was screwed into her skull to keep the vertebrae in her neck still and had surgery to fuse and stabalise the damaged bones on Friday (Jan 6).

On Sunday, the teenager amazed mum-of-three and stepmum-of-two Michelle, a wills and probate manager, when she suddenly raised her wrist from the bed.


Before the video was filmed the teenager had been unconscious since undergoing surgery on Friday (Jan 6) to fuse the damaged vertebrae in her neck together to stabilise them.

Michelle said: “Doctors said there was a very small possibility the fusion surgery would help her regain movement because it removes the spine away from the spinal cord.

“Considering she was able to lift her wrist two days after the surgery we have no idea what is coming next now.

“She just wants her arms back so she can stroke her dogs, brush her own hair, text her friends. Now getting her left arm back seems to be becoming a reality.

Michelle and Georgia’s prison officer stepdad Steven, 50, are now fundraising for home adaptations, stem cell treatment and pioneering electrode therapy.

Georgia said her beloved dogs Smudge, a seven-year-old Yorkshire Terrier and Lhasa Apso cross, and six-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Murphy have kept her battling to regain use of her arm.


She said: “I am taking things one day at a time – I was in quite a bad situation at the beginning, it could have been fatal.

“My two dogs and the dogs in the kennels where I work are a big part of my life and my motivation – I want to be able to care for them and give them cuddles with my arms working.

“Everyone would handle this situation differently but it’s just a case of taking things one step at a time, staying positive and putting on a brave face because there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Lincoln City Council have removed basket swings from six play areas across the city – including the park Georgia was injured in – while a Health and Safety Executive review takes place.

A fundraiser will take place at Saxilby Lincoln on March 11. To make a donation go to