Hawaiian house avoids 200ft shower of lava bombs after three week volcanic eruption

A Hawaiian house has miraculously avoided a 200ft shower of lava bombs after a volcanic eruption that has lasted over three weeks starting from Mount Kilauea.

Homeowner, Steve Hill, 53, can be seen outside his home in Puna District, Hawaii, which survived the lava bombs on May 28.

Pic by Joseph Anthony/Caters News

Photographer, Joseph Anthony, 44, captured the aftermath of the lava bombs showing the damage surrounding Steve’s home.

The lava bombs have left behind black boulders of lava around his property as the volcanic eruption – which still hasn’t stopped – can be seen in the background.

A friend of Steve’s, Darryl Clinton, was protecting the property whilst Steve was away and used a hose to put out the fires caused by the lava bombs.

Pic by Joseph Anthony/Caters News

Darryl was left with serious leg injuries after a lava bomb hit his leg while he was on the balcony of the property and is now in hospital recovering from his injuries.

Steve said: “I have lived at my home for 21 years and I’m lucky the lava didn’t take my house completely.

“I very much embrace Hawaiian culture and ideals so do not feel anger towards what has happened.

Pic by Joseph Anthony/Caters News

“I’m going to Honolulu to see Darryl in hospital who saved my property from burning down, then I’m off to Washington State where my wife and daughter are for a couple of weeks then I hopefully will be back to continue renovations.