Ghouls, ghouls, ghouls: Pervy pole-tergeist interrupts pole dancing classes

A pair of horny ghosts prove they still have an active sexual appetite in the afterlife as they haunt a POLE DANCING SCHOOL.

Forget girls, girls, girls with these pervy paranormal guests it’s all about ghouls, ghouls, ghouls.

As Wendy Reardon wows her pupils at Gypsy Rose Exotic Fitness in Boston, USA, with her moves and gyrations, the two over-friendly ghosts whirl round her body.

A ghost hovers round Wendy Reardon

A ghost hovers round Wendy Reardon

The spectral shapes hover round the sultry 44-year-old’s wriggling behind and skimpy outfits as she dances around.

Wendy said: “I asked a reputable psychic and she said that there was definitely paranormal activity.

“She said that they were two men who worked in that area in the 1930s, and had such a great time that they’d come back to visit sometimes.

“They happened to see me one day, and liked it, and so told their ghost friends to come too.

“I don’t mind of course, except that they’re getting a free show.

“I don’t care what dimension you’re in, if you watch, you tip.

A ghost hovers round Wendy Reardon

A ghost hovers round Wendy Reardon

“When they’re here they’re watching the girls pole dance.

“I think they’re dancing around them and feeding off their positive energy.”

Wendy has owned Gypsy Rose since 2003 but only noticed the spirit presence when she started filming her classes.

She said: “The first time I saw one fly by, I was doing a dance and taping it for a friend of mine.

“I was watching the dance and suddenly one shot across the screen toward the camera.

“I just thought ‘What the hell’?

“Then every time I taped in that studio afterwards, particularly in the pole room, I would get them.

A ghost hovers round Wendy Reardon

A ghost hovers round Wendy Reardon

“Sometimes I can see something out of the corner of my eye.

“They came in all different shapes and sizes.

“They definitely have some form of intelligence because they go around things like me.”

It isn’t just Wendy who gets visits from the ghosts, but also her pupils at the school, who regularly catch them on their camera phones.

Wendy said: “We don’t always feel them, but they show up on anyone’s phone or camera.

“Lots of my students over the years have captured them on film too.

“Most of them think it’s really neat, but sometimes it spooks them.

“When they’re scared, I’ll really play it down, like they’re not always here  but they are.”

Wendy noticed that when she moved to her new studio in Allston, near Boston, that the visits became more frequent.

A ghost

A ghost

Her new studio sits right across the road from a nightclub called Coconut Grove, where a fire killed almost 500 people in the 1930s.

Wendy said: “I didn’t realize it, but the parking directly across the street from the fire took place.

“I like to think some of them are those spirits, finishing their night out.

“I’m very humbled that they like the studio.

“I believe it’s all the laughing, having fun, and positive attitude at my studio that they just want to be a part of.”

In the last five years Wendy has become a medium, helping other properties with their spirit guests.

She said: “I don’t try, it just happens.

“I can’t do future or past, but I do get spirits of friends and family coming through.”