Daring adventurer boards through trash-filled waters to raise awareness of pollution

By Jack Williams

This daring adventurer has paddleboarded through trash-filled waters in the hope of raising awareness of water pollution around the world.

Bikini-clad Alison Teal entered the waters off the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, in June of this year in the hope of expanding knowledge of the global trash issue.

Alison Teal / Caters News

Behind the explorer, the images and video she was able to capture show mounds of trash that has become built up many feet in the air.

These piles, Alison said, were not organized landfill – they were simply dumped there.

Alison said: “The trash I’m paddling through it directly over the beautiful fresh water caves and when it rains the toxins from the trash seep through the extremely pores limestone and directly in the one of our last fresh water source on earth.

“This trash was not a landfill. 

“It was simply placed out of site as it is done it most places all over the world – destroying one of the most beautiful destinations on earth.

“Out of site, out of mind.”

Alison, a filmmaker, environmentalist and certified diver, was accompanied on her expedition by scientist Sam Meacham.

In the past, Alison’s has travelled to trash buildups in the likes of the Maldives in order raise awareness of water pollution.

She said: “I feel that it is my quest to bring awareness to the most valuable thing on earth – water.

Alison Teal / Caters News

“All life needs water to survive.”