Competition to win a free trip for two to the ‘coldest warm city’ in america with spending money and gift cards launches

A competition to win a free trip for two to the ‘coldest warm city’ in America with spending money and gift cards has launched.

The victor will spend two nights in a luxury hotel, more than $1,300 (1kGBP) in gift cards to restaurants, wine clubs, bespoke stores, gallery passes, and Lyft credit.

PICS BY OXFORD PENNANT / CATERS NEW: Oxford Pennant are hosting the competition and there are also gift vouchers to spend spent at their store

Organised by Oxford Pennant, a designer and manufacturer of wool pennants, flags and banners, they launched the competition to dispel myths around Buffalo, New York.

They hope to show other Americans that while the spot may be a ‘cold city’, at its lowest seeing 20F (-29C) temperatures last in 1961, it also hosts the ‘most warm, kind and proud’ people in the nation.

In addition to the showering of gift cards, experiences and more, the lucky winner will also claim $150 to spend freely – with suggestions ranging from Niagara Falls to alcohol.

The trip may seem ‘too good to be true’ for many as you all you need to do to win is submit an email address online.

PICS BY OXFORD PENNANT / CATERS NEW: Dubbed the warmest cold city, it has seen temperatures as low as -20 df or -29dc – some of the spots around town including things on offer

Apart from, there is a catch, the trip must be taken between Feb 8 – March 10 this year, and the randomly selected winner can only be from one of 46 listed states in the USA.

There are 70,000 applications to the competition with the deadline set as before noon on Feb 1, after which the winner will be emailed and announced on social media.

Dave Horesh, 32, co-founder of Oxford Pennant, said: “We thought the idea of giving a trip during coldest and snowiest time of the year would be a laugh, it’s a fun promotion to catch people by surprise.

“What I want is to change the perception of buffalo, more people have a positive perception when they do visit.

“I want them to stop saying nasty things about the city, but it’s also more of an opportunity to experience locally owned businesses, creative things and more.

PICS BY OXFORD PENNANT / CATERS NEWS: some of the spots around town including things on offer

“It’s a cold city but it’s one of those places where the people are very warm, very kind and proud of the life we have here.

“When you think of warmth, you think of being welcomed into a warm bar on Friday night where everyone knows each other in a good way.

“It’s a great place to get lost in conversation with people.

“This is a city with great art, creative people and people think that we live in igloos and a city full of death, really it’s a vibrant, colourful city people should give it a shot.

“You can get really high snow, we have had two or three feet of snow, it’s the best time in the city.

PICS BY OXFORD PENNANT / CATERS NEWS: some of the spots around town including things on offer

“It’s snowy, filled-in, work is cancelled so you can stay at home and go to your favourite restaurant or bar and spend three or four hours there it’s very charming.”

Dave and the Oxford Pennant team set-about starting the promotion by hand-selecting some of their favourite small, local businesses.

He admits, to his surprise, that most business owners agreed to the idea and want to help put Buffalo on the map.

The competition excludes winners from: Alaska, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Puerto Rice, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada.

PICS BY OXFORD PENNANT / CATERS NEWS: SEAN WRAFTER gives his comical view of Buffalo and the competition

On their site, they list the top questions about Buffalo: “What’s the deal with Buffalo?”, “Why do you guys like it so much?”, and “Is there still snow on the ground?”

They add: “The truth about Buffalo is that it’s a wonderful place, no matter the time of year.

“Even in the heart of winter, our snowy city is bustling with fun things to do, great things to eat and beautiful places to go.

“Most importantly, you’ll never visit a city with kinder people who are excited to share what they love about their hometown.

“Visit for two days and you’ll be a Bills fan for life – we promise!”

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