Chilling footage shows jilted lover following ex-fiance and her new partner before slashing both of their throats

This chilling footage shows a jilted lover following his ex-fiancée and her new lover moments before slashing both of their throats.

Bharat Soma brutally attacked Darshana Narotam, 17, and Prashant Govinde, 22, in broad daylight out of “revenge” on Sunday January 19 this year.

The couple had eloped from their homes in Wembley to live in Leicester only nine days before the attack as Darshana had escaped a forced marriage to Soma.

Immediately after the attack where Darshana had her throat slit and her new partner had a knife thrust through his neck, Soma repeatedly said “my wife, my wife”.

The three victims walking through Leicester

The three victims walking through Leicester

Soma, from North Evington, Leics, was jailed for 23 years for attempted murder at Leicester Crown Court on Wednesday.

Sentencing, High Court Judge, Mr Justice Saunders said: “The attack was intended by Mr Soma to be a cold-blooded murder, committed to prevent Darshana from marrying anyone else.

“He grabbed hold of Darshana Narotam round the neck and while holding her from behind he slit her throat from one side to the other with a knife.

“He stabbed Prashant Govinde through the neck with the same knife, pushing the knife right through his neck from front to back.”

Soma was also convicted by of unlawfully wounding a 15-year-old boy who was with the couple who eventually successfully disarmed him.

Darshana ran away with Prashant on January 10 2014 as she intended to marry him and not Soma, despite her parents arranging their engagement.

The defence counsel said, after discovering she had fled, that jilted Soma was “disturbed, troubled and depressed”.

It was claimed that Soma had received a tip off of the couple’s location and had acted on deadly impulse.

Mr Justice Saunders said: “The attack took place on a busy road in Leicester on a Sunday afternoon when there were people in the area.

“Fortunately the police were on the scene very quickly and took appropriate steps to stem the two victims’ bleeding, which was considerable.

“They cared for the wounded until an ambulance arrived to take them to hospital.

“It may well be that the prompt police action saved the lives of these two young people.

“Both the jury and I were impressed with the efficient, calm and highly professional way in which the police carried out their duty.

“Because the police were carrying cameras, which recorded what was happening, we saw some very shocking scenes but it brought home to us the true nature of these events.

“The background was that Bharat Soma was engaged to be married to Darshana Narotam, which was arranged by her parents and I’m satisfied Darshana never willingly agreed to it.

“She never told Soma she wanted to marry him although she agreed to the engagement because she felt she had no option but to go along with her parents’ wishes until she was old enough to be able to marry Prashant without their consent.

“On January 10 this year, Darshana ran away with Prashant, intending to marry him and not Soma.

“When Soma discovered Darshana wasn’t going t to marry him he became very upset.

“I accept it may be that he was in love with her and developed a fixation about her, but I don’t believe he ever had grounds for believing Darshana was in love with him.

“Mr Soma said in evidence he had wanted to marry Darshana since she was 11, although they didn’t meet until she was 16 after they became engaged.

“After Prashant and Darshana were seen out on the street (in Leicester) by a family friend on January 19, he informed Soma he had seen Darshana.

“After being given that information Soma went off to purchase a knife and I’m satisfied the reason for that was to use it to kill Darshana.

“I can’t be sure he was intending to kill Prashant, who he may not have realised was with her at the time.

“He went around the streets looking for Darshana so he could kill her.”

“Immediately after the attack Soma was repeating ‘my wife, my wife’.

“The defendant told the police he lost his mind, because he believed that a curse had been put on him.”

Bahrat Soma following the three victims

Bahrat Soma following the three victims

The judge said he was not imposing a life sentence, because of Soma’s previous good character.

Although the couple – who have since married and are living at a secret address – have been left permanently scarred from their injuries, the judge said it was believed they had not suffered “serious long term harm.”

He added: “That’s not to underestimate the ordeal they’ve gone through and the considerable difficulties they still have.

“It’s hoped they’ll make a good long term recovery.

“They’ve had to move away from family, friends and jobs because they’re under threat of reprisals from other people – which is not attributable to Mr Soma.

“I very much hope those threats will now cease.

“The mitigating factors are the defendant’s good character and to a limited extent his mental state.

“The opinion of Dr Shankar (psychiatrist) is that Mr Soma is suffering from an adjustment disorder with prolonged depressive reaction.”

Soma’s defence counsel, Jo Sidhu QC said that, although Soma was not suffering from a “classified mental illness”, the trigger for the offending was when Darshana eloped.

Mr Sidhu said: “It made him feel low and he felt very hurt.

“He had nightmares, he was seeing ghosts.

“He got a tip off about where they were and acted on impulse.

“He feels bad about the effect of his actions and many times he’s cried about it.

“He’s not wired the same as other people because in his family there’s an unfortunate pattern of suicide; both his father and paternal grandfather killed themselves.

“In the defendant’s mind he’d been rejected without a reason.

“His feelings for Darshana remained strong, right up until the day of this attack.”