Cat nearly lost its leg and suffered huge rotting wound thanks to ‘Killer Collar’


cat almost lost a limb when his ‘killer’ £2 collar became hooked around his leg and cut into his flesh – causing a gaping five inch rotting wound.

Three and a half-year-old ginger moggy Nugget is lucky to be alive after he became agonisingly tangled in his plastic buckle collar when he went missing from owner Jane Harrington’s Cardiff home.

Retail manager and cat rescue volunteer Siobhon Phillips discovered the cat crying in her garden with his front right leg caught in the collar and a five inch gash which needed 20 stitches.

Jane said vets believe he had been trapped in the cheap fashion cat collar for WEEKS and Siobhon is now begging owners to stop using collars, which she claims have even been known to hang cats.


Siobhon, who also lives in Cardiff, said: “I had seen Nugget a couple of times but when I called him he ran away. On Sunday he was back in my garden and calling with a horrible cry.

“I could see his leg had got stuck in his collar and he was limping. He was crying in pain but he wouldn’t come to me – eventually I had to use a cat trap to catch him.

“When I cut the collar off, it had gone round his leg and right into his skin. One of his paws was being lifted up because his front right leg was stuck.

“It wasn’t a quick release collar, it was a rigid plastic one which had cut right into him. The wound smelled of rotting flesh – I could tell it was infected. He stank, I had to put everything on to wash afterwards.

“The vet said that Nugget was very lucky to keep his leg – lots of other cats have lost limbs.

“I would recommend owners don’t use any collars, even the safety release ones. I don’t put any collars on my cats.


“People think the safety release ones are okay but cats can easily hang themselves on them – I have heard of owners who have found their pets hanging or having strangled themselves.”

Jane purchased the £2 black bell-covered collar for Nugget three years ago and he had been wearing it since then without issue.

The moggy went missing eight weeks after Jane, who previously lived in the next street to Siobhon, moved house to a new address about 15 minutes’ walk away.

Siobhon, who volunteers with RozMogz cat rescue and works at Cardiff adult store Passion, saw the ginger moggy appear in her garden several times last week before he returned last Sunday (Jan 8) and began crying.

She managed to catch the timid moggy with a cat trap and cut the collar away from the ‘rotting’ wound before Jane rushed him for emergency veterinary treatment.

Nugget needed a drain put on his infected wound and approximately 20 stitches and is now recovering at home although recently had to return for more treatment.


Mum-of-one and PA Jane, 46, adopted Nugget as a kitten and also has a nine-month-old catcalled Ruby.

Jane said: “When I saw Nugget he was in a right state. The damage the collar did was unbelievable – I had no idea that could happen.

“The plastic of the collar wore his flesh away and caused a big open wound. It was horrible, and the vet believes his leg had been tangled in the collar like that for weeks.

“I feel so guilty as I’m the one that put it on him. People should know this can happen. He won’t be wearing a collar ever again. I’m so grateful to Siobhon, she’s brilliant.

“I’ve told Nugget that’s it, he’s not going anywhere now. He’s a lovely cat. Even the neighbours were glad to see him come back. It’s so good to have him home but it’s going to take a long time for him to get better.”

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