Call Ac-12! Ted Hey-stings Scarecrow Mysteriously Vanishes From Village Scarecrow Festival

Call in AC-12! A village has been left outraged after a scarecrow that was a dead ringer for Line of Duty’s Ted Hastings mysteriously vanished from a Scarecrow Festival.

The figure of Supt Ted Hastings – made as part of Wighton’s Scarecrow festival in Norfolk, had a picture frame round its neck, suggesting he had been fitted up as the elusive ‘H’.

Pic from Caters News : The scarecrow that dissapeared from the scarecrow festival.

But his creator, Susie Freeman, was gutted when the carefully-crafted scarecrow – who bore an uncanny similarity to actor Adrian Sunbar, who has played the anti corruption officer since 2012.

Susie Freeman said she had not reported the disappearance to police because it would be “an unfair use of resources even though he is one of their own”.

Susie said: “I was driving home and noticed something was missing from the front garden.

Pic from Caters News: Scarecrows at Wightons Scarecrow festival in Norfolk

“I couldn’t believe it, the board we put him on was still there, but Supt Ted Hastings was nowhere to be seen.

“It was a real talking point in the village, nobody knows what has happened and there’s a mixture of humour and outrage that

someone could do such a thing.”

The Scarecrow festival took place earlier this month, and the now famous scarecrow went missing on the last night of the festival leaving residents at a loss as to where their Ted Hastings effigy could have gone.

Pic from Caters News: Scarecrows at Wightons Scarecrow festival in Norfolk

The village suspects foul play, but so far there have been no leads that could pinpoint who the culprits of this crime could have been.

Susie said: “We’re not sure who it could have been, for all we know the wind could have blown away.

Susie said: “He’s probably gone undercover because of all of this publicity.”

The Wighton Scarecrow Festival runs once a year and aims to raise money for Wighton for anything the village needs. It has been running for 18 years and has paid for repairs on the village church and chapel, as well as the playing field for the children.

Pic from Caters News: Scarecrows at Wightons Scarecrow festival in Norfolk

A representative for the festival, Suki Polson said: “Some people thought it was a publicity stunt, but on my life, the man just vanished, whether he’s gone into hiding or been kidnapped we do not know.

“A lot of people presumed because it was raining that Susie had taken him inside, but she said it had been nicked.”

Susie added: “It’s caused quite the stir in the village, with all of us wondering what could have happened.

“I think we need AC-12 to descend on Wighton and solve this case for us.”