British couple defy death as shipping container they took shelter in was launched into the sky by gale force winds

A British couple defied death when the shipping container that they were taking shelter in was launched into the sky.

The young couple were taking a month-long holiday to explore the Falkland Islands after sailing there for the jobs.

Charlotte Bainbridge, 25 and her boyfriend Edd Hewett, 27 had been camping in an open field when a gale picked up and they decided to take shelter in the container.

But terrifyingly, not long after they had entered the shelter, they felt it begin to move.


Moment later the two ton container was launched into the wind and the couple were slammed into the sides as the container rolled.

Charlotte was left devastating injuries including: shattered ribs, a punctured lung, internal bleeding and a shattered scapula.

Incredibly her boyfriend Edd was able to hike through the storm to a nearby house and eventually a helicopter was scrambled to recue Charlotte.

Charlotte, from Wallingford, Oxfordshire, said: “Not long after we had moved inside of the shipping container, it felt like the container had shifted.

“We got out of the tent and sat on the floor with our feet against the wall – prepared in case the container might flip over.


“That is just not what happened – It went from nothing from being launched in the air in a second.

“We were being bounced and spun around in the air inside the container.

“I remember my body slamming against the side of the wall and we both lost consciousness.

The container had been blown over 200 meters and the couple were flung from it out into the raging storm.

With no other shelter in sight, Edd helped Charlotte back into the container where she realised she was suffering from life-threatening injuries.

Despite his concussion and the gale force winds, Edd trekked over five miles in the dark to the nearest farm house to get help.


“We were both badly concussed, and now in real danger of hypothermia as the storm was raging around us.

“Edd went back out to find our first aid pouch and performed some basic first aid on me.

“On the way to the farmhouse, he saw a hallucination of another nearer house in the opposite direction.

“He had to keep telling himself it wasn’t real and to keep walking the direction of the farm house.

“I was left in the container with the wind howling and I thought if the wind decides to pick up again then that’s it for me.

“Meanwhile Edd’s hypothermic and trying to remember the way back in this storm – thank god he’s a trained mountain leader and has a good sense of direction.

But when Edd knocked on the door, the sleeping residents couldn’t hear him with all the noise from the storm.


“He went inside the house and banged don’t he bedroom door a few times and went in and shook the resident of the house and asked them for help.

Eventually a helicopter was scrambled and Charlotte was air lifted to the nearest hospital in Stanley.

She was treated for her multitude of injuries and had to be resuscitated at one point.

“They did some critical life-saving action – I would’ve died if not for them and at one point they did have to resuscitate me.

Once they had stabilised her, she was flown by an RAF helicopter to a larger hospital in nearby Uruguay where she spent six weeks before flying back to the UK.

“I had to fly back business class which definitely a first – I wouldn’t have been able to stand the standard economy seat in my condition.

“I’m so happy to be home now, but my career is working on boats so I’m really looking forward to getting back to work.

“I’m waiting for my shoulder to heal as I’m still currently on morphine for it.

“I can’t wait to return back to all the adventuring I did before, but I won’t be sheltering in any shipping containers any time soon.”