Brit Sarah Groves alleged murdered wants a new lawyer as 88th hearing in the case also bears no result!

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An Indian judge lost his patience with the suspected killer of Briton Sarah Groves after he continues to stall the long running trial.

Richard de Wit is accused of killing the 24 year old in Kashmir in April 2013 but the trial has been stuck in deadlock as they try to appoint a lawyer for the Dutchman.

He attended court again in Srinigar today (THURS) – the 88th hearing since the case began with virtually no progress made.

Sarah, 24, was staying on a houseboat with her Indian boyfriend Syed Shoda, in Kashmir, when she was stabbed to death in a frenzied attack. She was slashed repeatedly causing two fatal wounds to her neck and lung.

Her parents Vic and Kate from Guernsey have been campaigning for the trial to quickly come to a conclusion.

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Vic said: “The frustration goes on.

“This was another unsatisfactory hearing although there were signs that the judge is becoming progressively more impatient with the defendant’s ‘delaying’ tactics.

“The major problem remains his lack of legal representation.”

Sitting judge Rashid Ali Dar today ordered 7ft tall De Wit to ‘stop wasting the time of the court’ and hire a lawyer so that someone could present his case in the court.

The visibly miffed judge said: “Richard should hire a lawyer for himself so that someone could present him in the court.

”I can suggest the name of human rights lawyer Parvez Imroz who could have a look at Richard’s case and guide him ahead.”

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De Wit told the court that he ‘does not trust anyone’ and has continually dug in his heels.

“I don’t really know whom to hire? My previous lawyers did not help me at all. I am an outsider here,” De Wit told the judge.

“If you could please share the details of the case with me and I will study them myself to see if I should hire someone or fight the case myself.”

But public prosecutor in the case has stated that De Wit is trying to delay proceedings on flimsy ground such as not having a lawyer.

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Syed Maqbool Ahmed, the public prosecutor in the case, said: “Richard has been highly uncooperative in the case. This is just slowing down an already slow case. He is just wasting our time.”

“In the next hearing, we will try to present the witness in the court so that the case could proceed.”

The next hearing has now been scheduled for March 1.

In the previous hearing, Richard de Wit had claimed that he wanted to tell a secret to Sarah‘s parents.

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Vic and Kate are willing to fly over and have renewed their visas.

Of the 46 listed witnesses, only 23 have been fully examined and cross-examined and no witnesses have been heard since September 2015.