Aussie town set to spend £16,000 on bizarre ‘floating’ 3d zebra crossing – despite admitting it could cause more crashes

Cairns, in tropical Far North Queensland, could become the first place in Australia to introduce the optical illusion road markings, which looks like an obstacle that cars could hit.

The 3D artwork crossings pioneered in Iceland, India, Japan and China, create the impression pedestrians are walking on white blocks suspended in the air.

Cairns council chiefs said this would make drivers think the road markings are obstructing them, forcing them to slow down while also acting as eye-catching art.

But they admitted drivers could be distracted by the artwork, making them more inattentive to pedestrians, or overreact and slam on their brakes, therefore causing crashes.

PIC FROM Caters News

Transport bosses also said the possibility of pedestrians posing in the middle of the road to take photos with the crossing – putting themselves in danger – was another risk.

The proposals put forward by the Infrastructure Committee but yet to be approved by full council, would be installed on a road with a 40km per hour limit where there is already an existing zebra crossing.

A spokesman for Cairns Regional Council said: “It is hoped that the installation of the artwork would encourage motorists to slow down and add vibrancy to the area.

“A review would occur after six months to determine whether changes to motorist and pedestrian behaviour have been observed as a result of the trial.”