Alarming photographs show Australia turned into a barren wasteland amid devastating drought

The reality of ruin from the drought gripping Australia has been laid bare with these confronting aerial photographs.

Farmers are facing devastation across New South Wales and Queensland in what is being called the worst drought in living memory, with costs of produce now set to skyrocket.

PIC FROM Edwina Robertson / Caters News

Snapshots show once lush countryside in Toowoomba has been transformed into a barren wasteland, revealing the struggle locals and wildlife alike are facing.

Photographer Veronica Sorley, 46, said she was close to tears when she captured one viral image showing a herd of cattle surrounding an algae-infested dam.

Veronica, who was riding in her father’s plane when she took the image on Saturday, said: “Seeing these scenes shocked me to a great degree, I was close to tears.

“I live in the city now but I’m a country girl at heart so this one really got to me.

PIC FROM Veronica Sorley / Caters News

“It’s one thing to drive along and see how dry it is, but when you hop up that high you realise how bad it is.

“I’ve done plenty of flying over the years and you usually see cattle everywhere but this was the only spot I saw them this time.

“On one hand I’m grateful that I’m not dealing with this anymore, but on the other hand I’m worries people aren’t taking it seriously enough.

“One thing is for sure: if we don’t get a good soaking soon things are going to get worse.”

PIC FROM Edwina Robertson / Caters News

Another photographer on a mission to raise awareness about how large the threat looms is Edwina Robertson, who is traveling over the worst hit areas to document the damage.

Her most striking images include the parched tracks of a farm in Condobolin and the carcass of a defeated cow lying beside its calves.

Edwina, 33, said that while citydwellers are not directly impacted yet, that could change quickly with supermarket prices set to skyrocket.

PIC FROM Veronica Sorley / Caters Newss

Edwina said: “I started doing this to spread awareness, I saw what was happening but nobody was talking about it.”

“This will effect everyone. You don’t even have to be on a farm to be impacted by the drought.

“Very soon there will be a shortage of meats and crops, everything will get very expensive.

“The image of the cow was so distressing. She just gave up from the stress of the drought.

PIC FROM Edwina Robertson / Caters News

“A drought is not like a flood or a fire: it’s hard to know when it starts, or when it will end.”