Forget Jonah, almost a Joan-ah: Perfectly timed photograph makes it look like diver is being swallowed whole by whale shark

 A diver almost became a real-life Joan-ah thanks to a perfectly timed photo which made it look like she was being eaten by a whale shark. Marine biologist Kori Garza was diving off the coast of Papua, Indonesia, earlier t... read more>>

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Clowns without borders: Charitable organisation uses comedic clown routines to bring smiles to the faces of war-ravaged refugee children

 This charitable organization brings comedic clown routines to the most impoverished and war-torn corners of the world, in an effort to preserve the innocence of childhood among refugee children.  Though some believe clowns to be odious and frightening figures, for refugee children growing up in Haiti, Syria, Lebanon and beyond, they can provide a vital escape fro... read more>>