Forget Jonah, almost a Joan-ah: Perfectly timed photograph makes it look like diver is being swallowed whole by whale shark

 A diver almost became a real-life Joan-ah thanks to a perfectly timed photo which made it look like she was being eaten by a whale shark. Marine biologist Kori Garza was diving off the coast of Papua, Indonesia, earlier t... read more>>

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Police confiscate tiger skin being sold illegally

Police confiscated the skin of a rare tiger which was being sold illegally.  On January 31 2019, the North Sumatra Regional Police disclosed the morbid findings which had been retrieved as part of an investigation into the trafficking of animal organs in the Gunung Leuser National Park area in North Sumatra, Indonesia. These included a sheet of Sunda clouded le... read more>>

Uranium water crisis grips remote aboriginal town as family refuses to move

By Nelson Groom A remote Aboriginal community is in the grip of a watercrisis after discovering their supply is tainted with alarmingly high uranium levels. Deep in the desert of central Western Australia [WA], 60 kilometres north-east of Perth, lies a small indigenous town named Buttah Windee which has long hidden a dark secret. Nine years ago, community lea... read more>>