No business like shower-business! Images show off lavish luxuries inside celebrity bathrooms

There’s no business like SHOWER-business by the looks of these images – showing off the lavish luxuries inside celebrity bathrooms.

Kevin Costner's bathroom

Kevin Costner’s bathroom

From icons such as Marilyn Monroe to sport stars including England star Raheem Sterling, the pictures reveal a unique side to the VI-PEE’s.

Opting for decadent decor, Celine Dion’s tub inside her beautiful six-bed on a private island in Quebec, Canada, is decked with golden drapes.

Mike Tysons bathroom, the marble and gold en-suite

Mike Tysons bathroom, the marble and gold en-suite

When Marilyn’s former New York apartment hit the market, photos of the home she called ‘sanctuary’ included an impressive bathroom inspired by Hollywood glamour.

Likewise, Silver Screen star Katherine Hepburn’s former Los Angeles mansion revealed a stunning bathroom with chic interior.

Jason Derulo's bathroom

Jason Derulo’s bathroom

However pop-star Jason Derulo’s ensuite in his Florida mansion revealed he preferred to bathe in a room with a more minimalist feel.

And ever wondered where the artistic greats get their inspiration?

Katharine Hepburn's bathroom

Katharine Hepburn’s bathroom

While pop artist Andy Warhol’s simplistic bathroom in Monatuak, New York, is in keeping with its country cottage look, renowned realist Edward Hopper’s plush marble washroom is part of a Victorian mansion in Nyack, New York, which inspired his famous painting ‘Pretty Penny’.

Photos of Iron Mike Tyson’s abandoned home in Southington, Ohio, reveal a knockout Jacuzzi with a snazzy mirrored ceiling – one of the mansion’s seven and a half bathrooms.

Kiss's bathroom - Kiss Mansion

Kiss’s bathroom – Kiss Mansion

With a Loo To A Kill, Bond star Roger Moore spent eight years in the Sherwood House in Denham, Buckinghamshire, while shooting for the British spy movies.

And bond girl Denise Richards’ ladies room features a glitzy design in her luxurious mansion in California.

Celine Dion's stand-alone bath

Celine Dion’s stand-alone bath

Deidre Woollard from Partners Trust, a real estate service that works with celebrity property, said: “We all have a fascination with the way other people live which is why celebrity real estate is so popular.

“Celebrity bathrooms are interesting to people because while not everyone has a pool or a home theatre, we all have bathrooms.

Kevin Costner's bathroom

Kevin Costner’s bathroom

“It’s a point of intersection between our lives and the lives of celebrities.”