(Former) Lifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous – Photographer Explores Fascinating Abandoned Mansions

Rather than be in admiration of the current lifestyles of the rich and the famous, this photographer instead takes a glimpse into their past – photographing fascinating abandoned mansions.

On his travels, the photographer – who is called Dave but goes by Freaktography as he will not reveal his last name – has come across golden shells for bathtubs, cavernous empty swimming pools and discarded chandeliers.


Dave began photographing former abodes in 2016, and since then has snapped more than 10 lavish locations.

So as not to see vandals damage such properties, the US snapper also never reveals the exact locations of the homes he shoots.

As well as these locations, Freaktography’s abandoned collection includes peeks inside North America’s former hospitals, churches and asylums.


The photographer, who is based in Ontario, Canada, said: “I’m fascinated by the size – everyday people like me don’t often get to take a look into the lives of the rich or see how they live.

“Most people are fine living with what they need, so it really is interesting to see large indoor pools and bathrooms with saunas in them

“Almost every mansion I have been in also has a bidet?

“I even found a bidet in the private bathroom attached to a young pre-teenaged girl’s bedroom, which also had a Jacuzzi!


“What little girl needs a bidet and Jacuzzi?”

In order to discover the homes, Dave uses a variety of techniques – from social networks to talking with friends to old fashioned driving around.

Going forward, he plans to continue discovering such homes and an array of abandoned wonders.

He said: “As long as people are willing to leave their mansions vacant and abandoned, I will continue to explore them.


“I hope to keep finding new and unique locations and give those who are interested in glimpse into the otherwise unseen and what is off limits.”