Dany’s Doppelganger! Stunning Student Conquers Web With Incredible Daenerys Cosplay

A stunning woman’s impersonation of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones has conquered the Internet.

Roberta Pattaro, 24, from Torino, Italy, posted pictures of herself online in the Dragon Queen’s garments for the first time in April this year.

Pic by Andy Caraway/Caters News

Since then, the beautiful girl’s impersonation of the well-known character has gone viral with thousands of people left astonished by her resemblance to actress Emilia Clarke.

Roberta, who has been working on her cosplay for almost three years, says the amount of attention was unexpected but a nice reward for the effort she’s put in to bring the character to life.

The film student said: “I never thought I would receive so much praise.

Pic by Andy Caraway/Caters News

“This was just something I did to feel like Daenerys for a couple of days, and to have fun with my grandma who helped me with the costume.

“Then I started getting attention at events, where people would stop me to take pictures, even on the lifts and the subway.

“The funny thing is most people who stop me are adults, there are even people over 50 or 60 years old who get very excited seeing me in my costume.

Pic by Andy Caraway/Caters News –

“I was incredibly happy, it is great to see people supporting you and complimenting you for your work.

“I chose this character because she’s very similar to me, she’s a strong and loyal person, and despite last Sunday’s episode, she’s been one of the pillars of the show.”

More of Roberta’s stunning cosplay work can be found on her Instagram page, @rorytheweirdo.

Pic by Caters News