Alice in auction land – Largest collection of alice in wonderland memorabilia auction!

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One of the world’s largest collections of Alice in Wonderland memorabilia has been auctioned for £70,000.

The massive 3,000 piece collection was sold in 350 lots.

Primarily made up of hundreds of figurines, it also included rare objects such as a Mad Hatter calendar holder and an Alice in Wonderland Jacob’s biscuit tin, which sold for £1,500.

All of it related to Lewis Carroll’s famous fantasy novel, first published in 1866.

Ben Lloyd, senior director of Mallams auctioneers in Oxford, said: “It was actually a very good auction indeed, with lots of registered buyers in the room and tracking the auction all over the world- and we got some pretty nice prices too.

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“The whole thing is a complete phenomenon, having been involved in it over the last few months.

Alice in Wonderland has been collected all over the world since the 1920s onwards and it’s absolutely ongoing.”

The collection was built up over 25 years by the late antiquarian book and prints dealer Thomas Schuster and his wife Greta.

They acquired the items all over the world, through specialist dealers and at auctions.

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Highlights from their hoard of memorabilia had previous been exhibited at the couple’s Schuster gallery and the Tate Modern Liverpool.

But the auction, at Mallams Auctioneers in Oxford, was the only chance punters had to see the private collection amassed.

Commenting on the collection Greta said: “What attracted my husband and I to the work of Charles Dodgson is the sheer magic of his stories and the extraordinary intelligence behind them.

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“He created a world of great imagination and we found it bewitching.

“Were he alive today we would have been the best of friends, as he became one of our best friends through many happy years of collecting his works.”