Vincent van locks: Talented hair stylist dyes hair to look like famous masterpieces

A talented hairstylist has created her own take on fine art – colouring locks in the same array of colours as famous masterpieces.


Ursula Goff has styled her hair and others’ to match works by Van Gogh, Munch, Monet and Warhol.

The vibrant takes on these masterpieces take Ursula, 33, between three and six hours to create, with each design featuring a variety of colours and shades.


During her 14-year career as a hair stylist, Ursula, from Wellington in Kansas, USA, has been extremely influenced by the palettes of famous artists.

She has also studied art since her childhood and is currently going through her portfolio of 3,600 images, looking for styles once inspired by other artworks.


The novel idea has seen Ursula’s work gain a lot of attention online.

In December, the stylist posted an image of her ‘Starry Night’ recreation on Facebook, which has since gained more than one million views.


When sharing each photo, Ursula also includes a write-up about the concept behind her designs, as well as the work of the original artist.

She said: “I have actually been surprised at how much positive feedback I’ve gotten with them – the Van Gogh in particular has had a huge response.


“It’s almost always about the colour, as I’ve always just been terribly responsive to colour.

“Sometimes I just see a certain colour on a piece, or a specific combination of colours, and want to do that on someone.


“Other times, the clients themselves have colour themes in mind, and I will often mentally reference where I’ve seen similar colour themes – typically in art – until I settle on one that looks or ‘feels’ right to proceed with.

“I would say for the bulk of my career doing hair over the last 14 years, I have been influenced and inspired by other artists’ palettes, among other things.


“But it was only last month that it occurred to me to pair the inspiration with the outcome in a side-by-side photo format.”