Unique photo series offers bird’s-eye view of people who work with their hands

Many hands make light work, and in this photographer’s unique series, there are many, many of them.

Sanwal Deen’s “Work” project offers a bird’s-eye view of the elaborate tasks carried out by people who work with their hands.


With just their forearms and hands showing, Sanwal’s images showcase the work carried out by florists, writers and bakers; pianists, typesetters and cobblers.

It is estimated that the average person spends around one third of their life working, and so Sanwal, 27, wanted to show the intricacy of certain professions that can help define someone.

Sanwal said: “I have always had a fascination with desks and workspaces.

“I thought that looking at different workspaces throughout the world might be a good way to get my message across.


“Having had some time to reflect on the series, I think that subconsciously I am also trying to understand for myself what work is and what entails.”

In total, the photographer shot 11 different professions, entitling the images with simply the first name of the person carrying out the task.

The first shot in the series was taken in May 2017, and having shot all of his images in America, the photographer plans to visit more continents and capture more diverse jobs.


Sanwal, from Columbus, Ohio, USA, said that he hopes to eventually turn his “Work” images into a book, featuring interviews with those photographed and portrait images, too.

He said: “For this series, I think reaching out to people and gaining access to the workspace was the most challenging part.

“Other than that, the images themselves require a quite elaborate and space-consuming set-up.


“They were taken during active business hours, and sometimes I was getting in the way of business.

“Finding a way to quickly set up, take the picture, and leave without causing too much trouble was the hardest part of this process.”