Unique alphabet is a work of art, as each letter is linked to a famous artist

This unique alphabet really is a work of art, as each letter happens to be linked to a FAMOUS ARTIST.

“A”, for example, is an entire Campbell’s Tomato Soup can, a homage to Andy Warhol, while “B” features Banksy’s “Balloon Girl.”

There’s also the likes of Damien Hirst’s renowned shark for “D,” and, of course, a Picasso for “P” and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” for “V.”

The typography set, named “Artphabet”, was created by CESS, a Madrid-based studio, and was tied in to the project 36 Days of Type, which challenges designers to create a letter or number each day.

Cesar Cid, founder and creative director with CESS, said: “Much of my work focuses on lettering and 3D typography, so it occurred to me that a beautiful way to do it was through an alphabet, and the perfect occasion was to publish it during this global typographic event.

“I had a lot of time with the idea in my head to pay homage in a way to the great artists of all time through my work.”

In keeping with the 36-day event, Cesar tried to create a different letter every one or two days.

The creation process started with the designer first assigning each letter to an artist, before he then made a flat sketch of each.

One of the most difficult parts, Cesar said, as converting sketches into 3D versions of his designs.

Pic by CESS / Caters

He said: “With this project, I dared to imitate some artists’ painting textures by hand, as if it were a brush, but digitally.”

The resposne to the Artphabet project has been very positive, Cesar said.

Pic by CESS / Caters

He added: “The project is working very well.

Pic by CESS / Caters

“It would be very nice to export the project to other platforms, such as prints and collectibles, or it would even be a great adventure to make a kind of small book.

“Everything will come.”