Under-watercolour: Talented artist creates unique paintings whilst diving in the ocean 

This talented artist creates unique paintings which bring models and sea animals to life – while UNDERWATER.

 In footage captured last month by Vital Bazarov off the Red Sea coast, artist Olga Belka can be seen painting her new masterpiece of model Ksenia Galata. 

PIC FROM Caters News

Each of her unusual pieces of artwork require between two and six two-hour dives to complete.

 Olga, who lives in Thailand, started underwater painting because she wanted to capture the beauty of life under the waves.  

Only using specific paints and canvases that are environmental friendly, she always ensures marine life isn’t harmed or disturbed while she creates her artwork.

PIC FROM Caters News

Olga said: “I want to share my vision of the underwater kingdom with the world, that is why I create my paintings underwater. 

 “I developed a unique technology of painting in salt water that allows me to paint pictures from nature, detailing the smallest details of the underwater world.

“To me, the sea is a boundless resource of inspiration and energy. 

“I now hope to travel and paint in different tropical seas around the world.”