This Artist Has Created A Heroic Look As She Paints An Avengers Inspired Piece On Her Body

A makeup artist has taken the awesome Avengers logo and painted it onto her upper torso in a look that any Marvel enthusiast would love.

Sarah Lamarlere has been recording make up tutorials for three years, when she is not working as a graphic designer.

Beginning with her eyes and lips, Sarah showcases the colour schemes with layered purples and tints of silver.

Moving on to her upper body, Sarah begins to stencil the now iconic Avengers ‘A’ logo on to her chest before adding cloud effects with her brushes.

The logo becomes clear once the stencil is removed and the details are added to reflect the recently released Avengers: Endgame flick, with the crumbling logo and dust effect.

Sarah said: “I’m a huge Marvel fan and absolutely wanted to do something special for the release of the new Avengers movie.

“I saw a poster of the Avengers new logo and decided to incorporate it to my final look.

“I am self-taught, I learn more with each tutorial and I can’t get enough of painting.

“People are always very supportive and the marvel fans community is huge and cool. 

“I’m so grateful for the comments and love I got for this video.”