The ultimate Beach Body

These girls definitely have the perfect beach bodies.

These three beach bums can be seen getting camouflaged against the ocean on a Southern Californian beach.

The bums have been painted by body-painting artist Paul Roustan, 37, who has been making beauty, even more beautiful for 12 years.

So if you haven’t got your summer body ready, it might be worth giving him a call…


Paul said: “Once I did my first body painting, I was hooked.

“I was completely entranced by how a model can  bring a piece of art to life.

“I am a total beach bum by nature, I’m at the beach every single day.

Ultimately, I do these paintings for myself as a way to celebrate the human body but I do love seeing people being able to enjoy my work the same way I do.

“But the artwork turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought – it’s hard to paint someone naked on a beach, especially where you aren’t allowed nudity!