That’s Some Super Makeup! Awesome Avengers Inspired Makeup Tutorial

A talented makeup artist stunningly transformed herself into Gamora from Avengers: Endgame.

Just prior to the climactic Marvel blockbuster being released, Rachelle Edgar dressed up as the very green, Gamora from the iconic franchise.

Rachelle, 32, applied numerous makeup items to achieve her super look, using glue to help her eyebrows stick and multiple shades and layers of green

She also utilised silver pens to draw on Gamora’s trademark facial markings before continuing to apply the makeup on her upper body to complete the look.

Rachelle said: “I was part of an amazing Avengers collaboration with nine other incredible artists on Instagram and Gamora was the character I chose.

“I’ve had such a positive reaction to my Gamora transformation on social media.

“Gamora is definitely one of my favourites, I loved her makeup and facial features throughout the movies.

“I really enjoyed doing it and was surprisingly good at it as well!”

When she is not busy dressing up like Marvel characters, Rachelle is a project manager at Brown University.