Tech-loving artist creates stunning celebrity portrait tattoos out of computer code

This technology-loving artist creates fascinating celebrity tattoos that resemble computer code.

Andreas Vronti, 31, who owns a parlour in Limassol, Cyprus, has inked intricate code-based portraits of everyone from Eminem and Audrey Hepburn to Tupac and John Lennon.


The artist claims the inspiration behind his unique style came to him naturally and effortlessly.

From a distance, the tattoos appear to be made up of solid black ink, but upon closer inspection it becomes apparent they are made up of thousands of minute letters, numbers and symbols.

Andreas, whose works take around eight painstaking hours, said: “When it comes to creating the coding portraits, I endure a long digital process before I am able to execute the pieces. 


“I go through trial and error periods when trying to unfold the layers of each portrait in order for it to resemble the actual characteristics of the person it is designed to look like.

“The coding style is just my way, as an individual and an artist, of unlocking my power of imagination and creating the kind of art that I feel is relevant to my current state of creation, whether it be conscious or unconscious. 

“What I find with my coding technique is the ability to produce a new understanding or perception of what is real and what is not. 

“I do not separate the art world inside me, I feel it is all interconnected. 


“Every piece I design and write out is unique, there is no way that another person in the world can carry the exact same coding portrait as anyone else.”

The Cypriot has been on high demand since his tattoos caused a popular storm online, racking up thousands of views.

Though highly passionate about his creations, the parlour owner doesn’t deny the strength and concentration it takes to endure the hard labour of tattooing the same piece for a solid eight-hours.

Expressing his appreciation for the love and support he receives from friends, family and clients, he said: “The amount of love and respect towards my art has been massive.

“I am very grateful and humbled for having created this technique that brings happiness and inspiration to so many.“