Surf’s up! Photographer captures shots of pictures within waves

One talented photographer has managed to capture these jaw-dropping images, which show off the beauty of the surf and the hidden art within the waves.

Photographer Kenji Croman, 36, has a deep passion for body boarding and photography and was inspired to combine the two after growing up in Hawaii.

He uses his camera to snap amazing tropical scenes from within huge waves- using the water as a natural frame for the spectacular surf shots.

Amazing shot inside the waves of Hawaii

Amazing shot inside the waves of Hawaii

Kenji first got involved with underwater photography when he struggled to explain to his family and friends about the amazing waves he witnessed while swimming and boarding out in the ocean.

So he decided to capture the moments on camera instead.

Kenji has worked hard to carefully capture objects he can see through the crest of the waves, for his own version of artistic wave photography.

Kenji, who has taught his own underwater photography course at University of Hawaii, said: “ It’s hard to describe to people who have never surfed or have been inside a wave how beautiful it can be especially when it’s the right lighting, it’s such an incredible experience.

“Since I have a background in photography and have so much experience in big waves, it’s a perfect combination for becoming a wave photographer.

Photographs In The Waves

Split-second capture enabled Kenji Croman to capture this picture inside a wave

“My photography is my art, it’s how I communicate to the world. Watching a beautiful sunrise while getting to shoot in the waves is meditating for me. It’s my sanctuary.

“It took me months to get a good shot when I first started. Back then there was no gopro camera so it was much more difficult to carry a bulky camera and housing and time it right to get a good shot. I still remember my first decent photo, I was so stoked to finally get a clear photo from inside the barrel looking out.”

Photographs In The Waves

A shot captured just before a wave breaks

The pictures were shot off the North Shore of Oahu and several beaches in the South Shores of Oahu, Hawaii.

Kenji, who posts his photography on his website,, said: “I am constantly driven to get that better shot. It isn’t just about taking pictures for me anymore; it is being creative and trying to capture the beauty in nature in an artistic way.”