Super mum makes daily napkins for son’s school packed lunches

A super mum has made her children’s packed lunches the coolest in school by creating a personalised napkin for them every day.

Nina Levy, 47, started drawing the napkins in 2006 for her sons, Archer, 11 and seven-year-old Ansel and has gone on to make more than 2,500 designs.

The sculptor and photographer, from Brooklyn, New York, stashes the paper napkins inside their lunch boxes each morning making the boys the envy of their school.

A drawing of Alvin from How to Train Your Dragon, Luke Skywalker and The Joker.

A drawing of Alvin from How to Train Your Dragon, Luke Skywalker and The Joker.

Nina, who teaches at the New York Academy of Art, has made drawings of Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and even drew pictures of her sons.

She said: “I started doing the napkins in 2006 by drawing simple pictures in black pen on napkins for Archer when he started staying at nursery school for lunch.

“I was just including a caring message from home and hoping to get him a little extra attention from the teachers supervising his lunch.

“I started doing them for Ansel when he started school but neither of them would bring them home much of the time for the first few years.

“The drawings have escalated over the years into full colour and I’ve made around 2,500 in total – which is a lot of napkins.

“I use waterproof art markers as the napkins go in the lunchbox with a cold pack and sometimes get soggy.

“But in recent years they have become purely decorative and the kids do not use them to wipe anything.”

A napkin with Batman and Sonic drawn onto it.

A napkin with Batman and Sonic drawn onto it

The mum-of-two said she often receives requests from her boys to conjure up a napkin at the eleventh hour so they can proudly show them off the following day.

Nina said: “The napkins take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to complete, depending on how sleep deprived I am, how much of mess the kitchen and the laundry are, and whether I am willing to entertain a special request.

“I often get specific requests at bedtime, and even if I am only doing a napkin for one child, both boys are usually involved in picking the character or topic.

“If I don’t have a request, I usually try to draw something that I know they have been thinking about recently.

“My boys would definitely miss them if they didn’t get them.”

An 'Angry Birds' themed napkin.

An ‘Angry Birds’ themed napkin.

She added: “The napkins have certainly helped me to stay in touch with my kids’ interests.

“Even if I can’t stand a particular video game, TV show, or book that they are obsessing about, I have to look at it long enough to find something that I can draw.

“Generally, I only work on the napkins after I’ve put the kids to bed, during the time that I might otherwise be watching TV, perusing social media, or if I were a reasonable person, sleeping.”