Stunning bodypainter turns herself from beauty into beasts for halloween

A stunning bodypainter has gone from beauty to BEASTS for a spooky series of Halloween portraits.


Corie Willet’s transformations are enough to give anyone a fright as she morphs into the creepy clowns, one-eyed monsters and warped pop culture characters.

The artist, from Moline in Illinois, USA, creates frightful figures three to five times a week, and sees the works as a form of meditation.


Preferring to paint herself, Corie, 29, spends up to six hours on her work – the longest being a full-torso zombie that required six-and-a-half hours of work.

Bringing to life such intricate designs, which Corie then shoots against a dark background, has seen the talented artist gain thousands of followers on social media.


Under the pseudonym ‘Twistin Bangs’ she plans to continue adding to her body of work, encouraged by the positive responses she has received so far.

She said: “I’ve always loved costumes and dressing up.

“Pretty much anything I see can lead to some sort of idea I can transfer into a bodypaint design such as characters I’ve seen or from bands I listen to.


“I’ve always had trouble sitting still, but for some reason, I can sit for six hours and not even realise it when I’m done.

“Since this is just a hobby, I also don’t like the stress of trying to paint someone else.


“It has been amazing learning to channel the amount of energy I used to have nowhere to put into doing something that other people seem to enjoy.

“I never thought that something I could take so much joy in would also seem to illicit the same response from other people.”