Say cheese: Futuristic technology in China allows you to purchase items with a selfie and thumbs up

CHINA has taken another leap forward in implementing futuristic technology in every-day-life, with Facial Recognition Technology now enabling you to purchase items by taking a selfie with a thumbs up.

British photographer, Dan Wolfe was filmed using the cutting-edge software to purchase drinks and a snack during a holiday in the northwest city of Guangzhou, China, April 2.

The software requires you to sign up to the cashless payment app, WeChat, before being able to access items such as toilet roll in public bathrooms – in the attempt to minimise excessive paper usage – to food and snacks.


The pioneering software means that stores can now run completely staff free and stay open 24 hours a day, with transactions taking only 0.3 seconds to be processed and have an accuracy of 95 per cent.

Brit Dan, who lived in China for three years before moving back to London, said: “I personally found the experience to be fairly smooth.

“The store I visited had two workers there to assist, although some other stores have no workers at all.

“In those stores you scan your face to unlock the door to both go in and out.”

To process a transaction, you are required to place the items on a self-scanning mat before smiling into a camera and sticking your thumb up – indicating to the computer that you’re happy for the transaction to be processed.


Dan said: “It was an interesting experience.

“As far as I know this is the first company in China to use Facial Recognition Technology in this way.

“There has been recent news of government wanting to make WeChat act as another form of ID.

“I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of this sort tech popping up in the near future.”