Ready for my close up! Bugs look like aliens in captivating macro shots taken using a mobile phone

These bugs look like they’re from another planet thanks to these captivating macro shots – taken with a mobile phone.

The fascinating images are a real insight into a bug’s life but surprisingly the detailed pictures were taken using an Android smartphone.

Tsvetan Georgiev Ganev, from Bulgaria, cleverly adapted his Galaxy Note using a ribbed macro lens taken from an old camcorder and took the stunning pictures using a self-made macroblock.

Remarkably the 40-year-old football coach also created the lighting himself.

He said: “I love to see the insects so close.

PIC BY Tsvetan Georgiev Ganev / CATERS NEWS

“I like how they actually look and I also like the preparation around taking a macro shot.

“The most difficult aspect is the light, if it’s too strong it radiates heat and because it’s very close to the insect I have to act quickly.”