Queens of the seven kingdoms – TV superfans recreate filming locations

Pic by Fangirlquest/Caters News 

Move over Daenerys and Cersei – these girls are the real life queens of Game of Thrones.

Tiia Ohman and Satu Walden are TV and film superfans who have travelled thousands of miles to recreate their favourite scenes.

The travel bloggers, both 39, have crossed the USA, Iceland and Northern Ireland to bring characters to life.

Using an iPad with stills from movies and TV shows, they insert protagonists into the real-life location where it was filmed in a technique they call ‘scene-framing’.

One of the girls holds the iPad perfectly in perspective with the backdrop, while the other takes a photo of the scene.

Pic by Fangirlquest/Caters News 

Tiia and Satu, both from Helsinki, Finland, have even produced guides for other Game of Thrones fans wanting to tour filming locations in a day.

To date they have visited 16 locations and ‘scene-framed’ 26 characters from the hit HBO series, include places as far flung as north of the wall and the Dothraki Sea.

They have also captured scenes from hit productions such as Brokeback Mountain, Trainspotting, Fargo, Sherlock, Peaky Blinders, Star Wars, and Shawshank Redemption.

Pic by Fangirlquest/Caters News 

Tiia, a freelance photographer and travel blogger, said: “Our visit to Iceland was combined with a massive eight-week road trip in the USA and Canada last year and we absolutely loved it.

“The best experiences we’ve had are those where the location looks exactly or very close to what you’ve seen on screen.

“Northern Ireland was amazing and some of the places made us feel like we truly were exploring Westeros.

“It’s often very obvious why the filmmakers ended up filming where they did.

“Being huge fans of both TV and movies, in 2013 we decided to build our summer trip to the UK around visiting filming locations.

Pic by Fangirlquest/Caters News 

“She had a bunch of photos printed out for the trip but sadly left them at home.

“Luckily, Satu had her iPad with her and we decided to see if the photos would work with a tablet instead of a print – and they did. They got over 60,000 shares on social media so we’ve stuck with the idea ever since.

Pic by Fangirlquest/Caters News 

“We do the blogging almost full time now, and it takes us on some great adventures. It’s been a lot of work for the past four years, but we’re still kind of amazed by how far we’ve gotten just because we were passionate about some TV shows.

“We often say it would probably be a lot easier to just have normal dayjobs and travel during our holidays, but since we’re both pretty creative people who love planning and executing our own projects and work for travel, it turned out quite well in the end.”