Pleasureable papercuts – Artist transforms UK landmarks with paper

These are some impressive papercuts – but they bring far more pleasure than pain.

London artist Rich McCor has travelled around the UK transforming landmarks with little bits of paper.

Pic by Paperboyo/Caters News

His imagination and skill in creating cut-outs has turned the shard into a tropical palm tree complete with hammock, Tower Bridge into a rollercoaster and the magnificent Big Ben into a simple watch strap.

Working under the name Paperboyo, Rich’s photos have made him famous on Instagram and he has moved on to publishing a book.

Pic by Paperboyo/Caters News

The artist’s world famous ideas stemmed from trying to help cash-strapped mates make interesting music videos.

Rich, 30, said: “It was an evolution, which began out of making music videos for a friend’s band.

Pic by Paperboyo/Caters News

“We had no budget so I would make sets and scenery out of appear for the videos and this got me interested in paper art and introduced me to a world of paper artists which really inspired me.

“Then when I joined Instagram at the end of 2014, I began taking an interest in photography and the more I became obsessed with Instagram the more I like the idea of using it as a gallery rather than just a place to share everyday photos.

Pic by Rich McCor/Caters News

“I started exploring London with my camera bit all my photos looked like everyone else’s. That’s when it occurred to me to combine my paper craft with photography.

“I stumbled upon the idea of using forced perspective with paper cut-outs to transform landmarks in London.

Rich McCor/Caters News

“In the city I had the privilege of being able to walk around and discover locations, and then I could go home and create the cut out and return later to shoot the concept.

“But every now and then I’ll find a building or a piece of architecture that inspires me. When that happens I’ll find a nearby coffee shop and I’ll pull out my cutting board and tools and create the cut out.”

Rich’s work was picked up by the travel company Lonely Planet, who commissioned him to continue transforming London.

Pic by Paperboyo/Caters News

He has now turned it into a full-time career, working with tourism boards and other brands to create eye-catching images.

He said: “I’ve had people tell me the photos make them smile, I’ve had art students study me as part of their projects, I’ve had incredibly sweet messages from people saying that they’re enjoying travelling vicariously through me.

Pic by Paperboyo/Caters News

“The best part though is when people come up to me when I’m out and about taking these photos, because it’s always fun explaining my process and seeing what reaction it gets from them. Some people ‘get’ it and some people don’t.

Pic by Mich McCor/Caters News

He has recently released a book, ‘Around the World in Cut-Outs’, published under his moniker Paperboyo by Century.

Speaking about the book, he said: “It features a bunch of unseen images not featured on my Instagram account as well as some of the behind the scenes images I have never shared before.”

Ian Rankin, the world famous British fashion photographer, said: “Paperboyo’s canvas is the world all around us – the banal and the bland. The most unlikely of places.

Pic by Rich McCor/Caters News

“But he sees things other people don’t see, in places they wouldn’t dream to look. He gives now meaning and poignancy to those places.

“Not to mention bucket loads of humour. He’s ace!”