Photographer captures extraordinary picture of ‘floating’ glass – but just look at the outtakes

A photographer has captured an incredible picture of a ‘floating’ glass after a whopping 60 attempts to get the perfect picture.

The image appears to show a glass miraculously floating in mid-air as a woman below catches the droplets.

PIC FROM Alexexander A B / Caters News

But just one look at the out-takes will show the lengths the photographer, known as Alexander C B, and his model Jeni George, were prepared to go to.

Alexander was desperate to create the “water tap illusion” he had seen in a magazine years ago but it took the snapper 60 attempts to get the shot.

Poor model Jeni found herself covered in black tea dozens of times before they finally got the picture they wanted.

Alexander, from Kerala in India, said: “I was looking to do something different.

PIC FROM Alexexander A B / Caters News

“I had seen the water tap illusion somewhere before which is what led me to this creation.

“The idea came up in the morning, which is why I used black tea, otherwise it may be water or some other liquid.

PIC FROM Alexexander A B / Caters News

“All I wanted was a picture of feeling freshness in a different way.

“Here in our country tea always stands first as a refreshing drink.

PIC FROM Alexexander A B / Caters News

“All these ideas clustered together in the formation of this picture.”