Time capsule of nearly 3,000 vivid colour photos of New York City

These fascinating photographs offer a colourful glimpse into the history of New York City's parks, after 2,924 slides were discovered while an official was cleaning out an office. Exactly 40 years old, the images, all shot in 1978, show the likes of a woman standing beneath a rainbow in a fountain; a man roasting a pig; and the simple innocence of children playing. ... read more>>

Seeing double: Incredible artist turns his photographs into stunningly realistic masterpieces, during painstaking process that can take up to a year

This incredible artist will leave you seeing double as he turns his own photographs into stunningly realistic masterpieces pixel by pixel, in a painstaking process that can up to a year to complete. At first glance, you may mistake this South Korean artist’s work for a photograph, but a close look will reveal the intricate brush strokes Young-Sung Kim, 44, etches ont... read more>>