New and old: Photographer incorporates sleeping newborns into classic works of art

Sleep child o’ mine! Getting one baby to sleep is hard enough, but this photographer seems to have a real knack for it.


Lindsay Walden regularly captures beautifully original photographs showing peacefully sleeping newborns in a series of themes, wrapped up snugly in tiny blankets.

The mother-of-three spends hours perfecting the scene from researching materials and dying wool to soothing the baby to sleep – all to create a unique scene for the family.

Lindsay admits that working with newborns can be hard work and the two-to-four-hour shoots often involve getting peed or pooed on.


In her latest “Newborn Masterpiece Collection” series, the 40-year-old photographer drew inspiration from classic art pieces such as Monet’s water lilies or ‘The Scream’.

To get a perfect picture, Lindsay heats her studio to about 26 degrees and place a heating pad underneath the baby as they “love all that warmth”.

Another of Lindsay’s techniques is making sure the babies are “milk drunk”, requesting that mother’s feed their babies just before the shoot, to ensure bellies and full and babies are happy.


The photographer, from Hurst in Texas, USA, said: “I began my journey as a photographer in order to help support my family and as a creative outlet to myself.

“Incorporating newborns into great works of art is a marriage of two great loves. The idea didn’t come to me until I went to a museum and was mesmerised by Caillebotte’s work.

“I could think of nothing more perfect for inspiring emotion than creating replicas of classic masterpieces with the purity and stillness of a fresh newborn as the focus.


“I have a planning consultation with each of my clients while they are still pregnant to design their newborn sessions.

“I will offer up a number of ideas but I always defer to what interests them most. After all, the images will ultimately be hanging on their walls.

“The reaction to the images has been remarkable. Classic art is part of our lives, part of our families. We have all been touched by them in some way.


“To see them anew with a fresh perspective and darling newborns mixed in creates a reaction that is nothing short of visceral.”