Luminous underwater photographs featuring mangle of bodies and fabrics look like baroque paintings

This intricately detailed images may look like baroque paintings, but they are actually underwater photographs compiled of a barrage of bodies.

Shot by photographer Christy Lee Rogers, the luminous works would look right at home in the halls of Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries.

PICS BY CHRISTY LEE ROGERS / CATERS NEWS: Rogers_Lost Myself Again Today1400

The Hawaiian photographer, 45, named her series “Muses,” and it contains some 41 images and two installation films.

The series began with the concept of letting go, Christy said, having lost many people in her life this year.

Water, she added, felt organic and messy at a time in her life when the photographer was bored of shooting in reality.

Christy, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, said: “Obsessive experimentation and a love for water led to my first ideas surrounding water as an artistic source. 

“What started to work best for me was having a perspective from outside of the water, looking in and using the surface of a pool as a canvas, utilizing natural effects like the refraction of light to bend reality, and shooting at night so I could really control my light.  


“Through years of experimentation, my technique emerged, and it’s very hard to put in words, because now it’s become second nature.”

Within this medium, Christy’s Caravaggio-like works are seen as pioneering.

The visual artist’s works are based around an illuminated tangle of bodies and fabrics – a process that requires much planning.


The Muses collection was a year-long process, Christy said, and involved keeping notebooks of ideas, casting, gathering props, and finally selecting the best images.

These works from 2018 will be on display at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, China, from September 21st until 23rd.

Going forward, Christy plans to move away from the baroque style of underwater images, though this medium will still remain her photography format of choice.

Christy said: “Water is so liberating, and I can’t imagine shooting any other way.

PICS BY CHRISTY LEE ROGERS / CATERS NEWS: Here is Christy Lee Rogers in the gallery where she is showcasing the paintings

“I’m a night person, so I love being able to shoot these at night, and sleep in all morning.  

“Without the water, I feel there really is no point for me to continue as a photographer.  

“That’s how important it is to me.”