It’s Muhammad Dali: Boxer uses fists to paint stunning artworks

An artistic boxer has come up with an alternative use for his furious fists – creating stunning works of art by PUNCHING a canvas.

Bart van Polanen Petel dips his gloves in paint before unleashing a series of haymakers, making abstract works similar to those of Jackson Pollock.

Heavyweight Bart, from Tilburg in The Netherlands, came up with his unique method a little more than a year ago, when he was experimenting with ways to use boxing as an artform outside of the ring.

Paintboxer Muhammad Dali

Bart van Polanen Petel punches the canvas

His girlfriend, Nonie, an arts student, helped Bart discover the possibilities of combing painting with his boxing workout, wrapping a canvas around his punchbag.

Once he has the basic apparatus – gloves, paint, heavy bag, and a canvas – Bart said the process is rather straightforward, with each work requiring between one and three hours of energy-sapping punching.

After the paint-soaked canvas has been jabbed, hooked and uppercutted, the artist then adds the finishing touches with his fingers – the boxer said that he usually just keeps on punching until he is happy with what’s in front of him.

Paintboxer Muhammad Dali

An artwork created by paintboxer Bart van Polanen Petel

Bart, who used to compete at karate before choosing to box when he suffered a knee injury, sells his works for between £400 and £950.

Despite the price tag, the artist, who goes simply by the name “Paintboxer,” keep many of his works for himself, which he then exhibits around the world.

Paintboxer Muhammad Dali

A close up of Bart van Polanen Petel’s glove during a painting session

Bart said: “For me, boxing was primarily physical, but once I got older, I started to discover a more philosophical meaning in the Sweet Science.

“I was looking for a way to show other people the great life lessons I found in the noble art, but never really found the right instrument.

Paintboxer Muhammad Dali

A blue, red and white artwork created with punches

“Meeting my current girlfriend, an artist student, triggered me to try paint as a form of expression – this then developed into ‘Paintboxer.’

“I am inspired by the likes of Jackson Pollock and Barnett Newman, as I love colour.

“The works I make depend on my mood: If I am happy with myself, work gets done quicker; when I am not, I just keep on punching.”