It’s a dog’s life: Creative pet owner snaps amazing arty pictures with his well-behaved dog as the star.

A keen pet owner has created a series of quirky poster-style artworks- with his photogenic pet POOCH as the star.

Rafael Mantesso, 31, a co-founder of a gastronomy institute, from Carangola, Minas Gerais, Brazil spends his time shooting pictures of five-year-old bull terrier dog Jimmy Choo in different everyday poses- complete with Rafael’s hand drawn illustrations.

Jimmy Choo gets arrested.

Jimmy Choo gets arrested.

Rafeal was first inspired to take the quirky pictures when he found himself in an empty flat, with no furniture, after he went through a divorce.

Rafael said: “After my divorce all I had was Jimmy, and blank empty walls. I realised they made a great white canvas background for light-hearted pictures with Jimmy as the star.”

Jimmy Choo Art Dog

Fancy a hug? Jimmy Choo is giving them out for free.

So Rafael set about snapping Jimmy in quirky poses including as an angel, counting sheep while dreaming and a mock police mug shot- all completed with Rafael’s own cartoon editing, and he then posts them on photo sharing site Instagram.

And Jimmy, the docile dog, is happy enough to pose for the pictures- as Rafael says loves being the centre of attention.

Superdog to the rescue.

Superdog to the rescue.


The proud pet owner said: “I like to take pictures of Jimmy interacting with things from every day life and as I love to draw I like to put different illustrations in the shots.

“Taking pictures and creating art with Jimmy is my hobby, but it’s so great that I have to time to play with Jimmy, who is my best friend.

“I want people who know that the bull terrier is a lovely and inspirational breed.

“I keep on creating because not only do I love it, Jimmy does as well. He loves being the centre of attention.

“I love to paint and draw and for now making these pictures are my hobby- to draw using objects from my daily life.

“I have had a great response to my work- people ultimately love Jimmy and love dogs.

“I have even had some requests for different photos and poses for Jimmy to do so we are happy to continue playing and making art together.”