Infinitely Pleasing Stop Motion Video Slowly Reveals The Hidden Patterns Inside Fruits And Vegetables

This infinitely pleasing stop motion project has seen a talented artist bring the insides of everyday fruits and vegetables to life, showcasing their hidden patterns slice by slice.

Whether it be potatoes or avocados, tomatoes or bananas, Kevin Parry was not afraid to painstakingly cut away at individual pieces of the foods in order to slowly reveal their intriguing insides.

The technique Kevin, 32, from Toronto, Canada, used is known as a stratacut: where an animation is created by cutting away a small slice of an object, frame by frame.

Each reveal took between two and three hours to create, Kevin said, with the artist aiming for between 30 and 40 slices per fruit.

Kevin, a popular YouTube personality, said: “The most fascinating part of this project was revealing the patterns inside each fruit or vegetable.

“I didn’t plan ahead or research anything, so I was seeing the patterns come to life in real time as I cut my way through them.”

Kevin came up with the idea for the shoot – which he undertook in mid-February 2019 – having originally used a similar technique on Valentine’s Day chocolates.

When deciding on what fruits and vegetables to use for the project, Kevin said he wanted to opt for both “classic” fruits (an apple, orange, banana), as well as some more “trendy” additions, such as an avocado and an eggplant.

Down the road, Kevin said there may also be a Part 2 to this video, which has proven popular amongst his fans.

He added: “The response has been fantastic.

“I honestly thought the final animation was just okay and completely underestimated how well eye candy content performs on the internet.

“It’s funny – when I show people the video and it loops a few times, I have to interrupt and let them know it’s repeating.

“They get completely mesmerized by the visuals and sound.”