I can’t believe it is butter: Chef creates stunning World War One battlefield out of butter

A chef has created an incr-edible World War One battle scene – out of BUTTER.

Battle Field Butter Sculpture

I can’t believe it is butter: Medics help out another soldier in an epic scene made completely out of butter

Vipula Athukorale, from Leicester, won a second gold medal at the Culinary World Cup with his stunning artwork.

Battle Field Butter Sculpture

Brilliant butter artist, Vipula Athukorale, with his masterpiece

Taking three weeks to complete, the poignant sculpture was made out of a whopping 24kg of pastry margarine.

Battle Field Butter Sculpture

Vipula decided to create the artwork as a way to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I

The 51-year-old’s culinary creation conquered in the butter sculpture class in Luxembourg last week.

Battle Field Butter Sculpture

Vipula was one of 14 out of a whopping 800 that was awarded a gold class standard

Vipula said: “I wanted to choose a relevant theme to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

“It is also a tribute to my father Henry who is a retired Lt General in the Sri Lankan army who was a cadet at Sandhurst in the 1950s.

“The characters show pain, compassion, frustration and anger.”

Vipula was one of only 14 international competitors out of more than 800 to be awarded the gold standard in his class.

Vipula, who was born in Sri Lanka, left school at 18 to train to be a hotel manager but his real passion is butter sculpting.

He said: “I was always better at this, it comes from my love of art at school.

“I am so pleased to won a gold medal for the British team.

“I also want to thank my boss at the Indigo restaurant Jagdish Ghelani for sponsoring and supporting me.

“It would not have been possible for me to compete if it had not been for the support of the restaurant.”

Vipula was born in Sri Lanka and left school at 18 to train to be a hotel manager.

He’s worked in top hotels all over the world, including Bahrain, England and Iraq and as the hotels got grander, so did his intricate food designs.

Vipula won his first gold medal at the International Culinary World Cup, in Luxembourg, in 2010 with a Victorian street scene.

He will be chasing more gold in the Culinary Olympics to be held in Erfurt in Germany in 2016.

Vipula said: “I won two bronze medals there last time in 2012. I aim to do better in two years’ time.”