Women creates striking 3D art with just paper and light!

Pic by Brittany Cox/Caters News

 In just a few months a woman has turned her fantasy imagination into striking 3D ART , incredibly using ONLY paper and a bit of light.

Artist, Brittany Cox from Seattle, Washington, USA has brought fantasy worlds to life using only the most simple materials.
The 27-year-old only started making ‘dreamboxes’ in March this year but was instantly hit by a wave of requests online from fans who had fallen in love with them.
Brittany said: “My inspiration has strong roots in my love of fantasy and fairy tales.

“I mainly aim to create something beautiful that transports the viewer to another world, even if it’s only for a moment.

“I dove into the world of dreamboxes in March of 2016 and though I have only scratched the surface, I’ve already feel as though I have grown so much as an artist.”

Under the name of Britthebadger has almost 3,000 followers on social media channel, Twitch with whom she shares the making process behind her dreamboxes.

Brittany’s unique designs have proven so popular that making and selling them alone has allowed her to spend all her time doing what she loves most.

Pic by Brittany Cox/Caters News

Brittany said: “After spending a few years exploring different mediums through costume creation and design, I was having a hard time and felt as though I had lost my way.

“A friend of mine invited me to an art gallery showing to cheer me up, and I saw a beautiful light box someone had made.

“I was fascinated by the combination of drawing, paper cutting, and light, and seeing that piece helped me rediscover my passion for art.

“I’ve always had a knack for working with my hands, a trait that I inherited from my dad, and I am never so happy as when I am creating something beautiful.

Pic by Brittany Cox/Caters News

Brittany is the epitome of a modern day artist using social media channels to drive her craft, from sharing complete work to creating dreamboxes four days a week to a LIVE audience.

Crowdfunding has been an important tool for Brittany’s growth as an artist as the extra financial backing has allowed her to be fully dedicated to her craft.

Brittany said: “I started up a stream on Twitch as a way to share my workflow and be available to answer questions from people and just encourage art as a whole.

“The time depends on the size and complexity of the piece. My smaller pieces take me between 10 to 20 hours to complete.

“The larger pieces take me closer to one to two weeks. I livestream the entire creation process via my channel on Twitch on Sundays through to Thursdays.

“So far, I have been really lucky to say that between commissions and support from people who watch my livestream.

” I have been able to make a living as an independent artist from my dreamboxes.

“I aim to continue to grow as an artist and create beautiful works of art to shine a light in someone’s day.

“I also hope to create a warm, loving, and inspired community through my livestream.

“For the business side of things, I would like to continue growing Badger Burrow Dreamboxes and be able to earn a comfortable living through my art.

Pic by Brittany Cox/Caters News

Anyone interested in getting their hands on a Badger Burrow Dreambox should  be prepared to part with a fair bit of cash as just one can set you back £500.

The King Haggard’s Castle dreambox is the most expensive of designs from Brittany at £499.46 but those with a bit less to spend need not be totally put off as Brittany’s papercuts are a snip at £29.14.

Brittany said: “Hari and Deepti are an artist couple that have been working with layered paper art for years.

“When I first discovered papercut light boxes at a local gallery, I fell in love with the look and feel of the medium and discovered their inspiring art through my online research.

“I’ve also had a few people from my livestream message me to say that I have inspired them to create their own dreambox art.

“I have been incredibly blessed and lucky to have so much support and love from my Twitch creative viewers and community.

“My viewers inspire me each day to keep pushing forward and develop my artistic style and vision.

Pic by Brittany Cox/Caters News