Dragons painted in one brush stroke

These stunning images show the breath taking work of an artist in Japan who can paint an entire dragon in a single stroke.

Artist Keisuke Teshima from Kyoto paints the figures in a style known as “hitofude-ryu”,  a traditional technique passed down since the Edo period in Japan where where the artist draws the entire torso of a dragon in a single stroke.

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The images are used as good luck charms.

The dragon’s scales appear when Keisuke presses down hard and light in small spurts. 

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His personal touch is to add “bonji” characters of a god that matches the customer to the dragon’s jewel, with the bonji of a health god being added for someone who is ill.

Keisuke is only able to draw three to five images a day due to intricate nature of the images.

28Lab/ Caters News

He takes orders online and gets them from all around the world. When he goes abroad, he goes most often to art museums in Florida for small exhibits, performances, and galleries. He also goes to Mongolia and the Philippines.