Brew-tiful artwork! Artist uses coffee to paint

This artist uses only COFFEE to paint stunning works.

Ekram Pala, 39, from Germany, recorded one of his brew-tiful paintings being completed last month.

The art starts with a pencil drawing, which he then paints with coffee by diluting it to create different shades.

Ekram said: “The source of my inspiration is the beautiful world we live in.

“I’ve been painting with coffee for almost two years now, but I’ve just started to post it on social media recently.

“It’s really a tedious job to paint with coffee as you only have one color, but with the right intonation one can achieve it.”

Ekram said in the future he wants to take his coffee painting art even further.

He added: “I don’t paint with other different types of coffee yet, but I would like to try in near future.”